COVID Responsible Park & Visitor Pledge

 Bridge Villa Responsible Park Pledge

  • We will provide a clean and disinfected toilet & shower block (from no earlier than 17th May 2021)
  • Our cleaners will be fully briefed on cleaning requirements particularly in relation to high use touch points such as taps, door handles etc. We will provide sufficient antibacterial soap within the shared facilities.
  • We will provide hand sanitizer at suitable locations across the site.
  • We will offer remote payment by bank transfer or debit/credit card over the telephone to reduce footfall in our reception area.
  • We will not require that you enter the reception building to check in.
  • We will limit the number of customers entering our shop to 2 people at any time and contactless payment will be preferred.
  • We will comply with any requirements of the Track & Trace system and provide customer contact details if necessary. Our commitments to GDPR apply and personal details will only be used in relation to Track & Trace and our dealings with you as a customer.  We will not provide data to any other third party or use your information for marketing purposes.
  • We will change any guidelines in accordance with Government Policy as necessary.
  • We will maintain our commitment to being a Covid Secure Business.

Bridge Villa Responsible Visitor Pledge

  • I will not travel if I (or any of my household) have symptoms of Covid-19 however mild.
  • Should I get any symptoms during my stay, I will notify reception (by phone) and return home with those staying with me.
  • I will wash my hands regularly with soap and water (in my own unit where possible), or by using sanitizer. I will take particular care to do this before leaving my unit.
  • I will use my own gloves or the hand sanitizer provided when using communal water points, waste bins and Elsan disposal point.
  • I will respect social distancing and remain at least 2 metres from other guests who are not in my household or social bubble.
  • I will not walk on to other customer pitches and especially not enter their van or tent (unless they are a family member of part of my social bubble)
  • I will not invite guests/visitors onto the site.
  • I will supervise any children in my care and ensure that they maintain social distancing with other customers. I will not allow my child to play ball/throwing games which may go on to other pitches. I will accompany younger children in my care when using the shared facilities.
  • I recognise the concerns of local residents about virus spread and will continue to follow the social distancing guidelines and act responsibly when out in the local community.
  • I will provide details of any members of my group if required by the Track and Trace process.
  • I understand that the guidance could be changed in accordance with Government Policy.
  • I understand that if I do not follow these guidelines I may be asked to leave the park.

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